Help for Weight Loss in Saffron Walden and Cambridge with Hypnosis

Three types of Treatment

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I will create positive suggestions with you that will help change your habit of over eating into more beneficial habits such as exercise and feeling proud of your new healthy lifestyle. We will also examine what makes you stressed and how with powerful hypnotic suggestions you can become calmer and more relaxed. We will also discuss whether you over eat and drink on social occasions and how with hypnotic suggestions you can remain confident to consume with moderation.

Virtual Gastirc Band

This is a great therapy that includes all of the techniques of the Suggestion Hypnotherapy with the fitting of a virtual gastric band. The therapy was devised in Spain by Spanish Hypnotherapists. The results they achieved were so successful that the technique has spread across the world.


This technique helps the client to go back to childhood to help remove the habits and emotions associated with overeating.