Quit Smoking help in Saffron Walden and Cambridge with Hypnosis

Smoking is a dangerous habit but it is not, and cannot be particularly addictive. Nicotine takes just two days to leave your system once you stop. So if you have ever managed to stop for just two days then you are no longer addicted.

Why do you find it hard to stop?

Smoking can be difficult to stop if you believe you are addicted, as most smokers do, and if you try too hard to stop thinking about smoking. The habit of smoking, and when you smoke is very important in finding a permanent way to stop.

Why is smoking not addictive when doctors say it is?

Many women stop smoking when either trying to conceive, or on becoming pregnant. Quite a few start again later in life. That really does make sense if it was a genuine addicition. Office workers who are having a very busy day often go without smoking all day. They cope. Very few smokers will have to wake up in the middle of the night just to get their nicotine dose.

How does hypnosis help quit smoking

Hypotherapy helps change your habit to something better. Hypnosis helps you quit smoking by helping you change your belief system.