Hypnosis help for Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking confidence is an extremely successful treatment. It is also my favourtie branch of hypnotherapy.

When I was at university I noticed that the students who had been to private school were naturally good at public speaking. Of course this was not natural, but from years of training to boost skills and confidence. Soon after graduating I went to public speaking classes. It was great fun and nobody said that they could see my knees knocking together. Success breeds success, and the more I did the better I got, and the less nervous I became. I can now speak confidently in front of any number of people.

My clients have not got the time for years of practise to remove their fear of public speaking. I use hypnosis to help remove the fear of public speaking, and my knowledge of how to deliver a good speech or talk to give a structure that will work for them.

Often people who were once confident in front of an audience like actors and barristers come to me for help. Hypnosis will help to restore their confidence and help them get on with their jobs again.