Hypnosis help for Phobias

The feeling of being very scared of something that cannot do you any, or very little harm, like being sick (emetophobia) is a phobia. It is an irrational feeling, but for the sufferer a very real feeling.

Often people say they know why they are so scared of something like a spider or a mouse. They can name an incident in the past that caused this intense fear and they wish to be hypnotised out of their fear. There are many people who are very frightened of snakes. Now this fear has more substance to it. However many sufferers of a snake phobia cannot look at snakes on television. This is not so logical.

If there is any rationality to phobias then surely I should have people phoning me up all the time about their fear of cars. Cars kill many people every day and a car crash is very intensely frightening. But phobias caused by early childhood involvement with car crashes seem to be a very rare event.

Hypnotising someone out of their fear of mice or spiders or snakes is not difficult. This has been demonstrated on television on numerous occasions with the phobia causing creatures happily crawling over the previously terrified, now calm, former phobia sufferer.

If you had a phobia of public speaking and wished for a session or two of hypnotic suggestions to get you through your best man’s speech then Suggestion Hypnotherapy directed at your fear would be fine. But if you have a fear of open spaces to such an extent that it was limiting your life choices then you would really appreciate a more permanent treatment for your phobia.

At my Hypnotherapy Practices in Cambridge and Saffron Walden as well as Cognitative Hypnotherapy I offer Hypno-analysis. Many of the ways that we react to events have been hard wired into our subconscious. This is very useful as we could not possibly think through every action or feeling we have to something happening. If a big dog snarls menacingly at us we immediately feel an emotion that prepares us for action. If our conscious minds slowly weigh up the situation then we might not react quickly enough.

If certain, now mundane events, such as seeing a snake on television causes acute anxiety then the subconscious is no longer sensibly protecting us. It is possible by using techniques of Hypno-analysis to change how you react to events. We must find the memory that is causing the malfunction and then contradict it with the present day reality.

Phobias are often a place for underlying anxiety to express itself. If it were possible to remove a phobia by simple calming suggestions then it is highly likely that the anxiety would find another outlet such as over eating. Many former smokers now over eat.

For the long term removal of the anxiety and fear of phobias I would recommend that you undertake a course of Hypno-analysis.