Hypnosis help for Insomnia

Lack of sleep is a real problem for many people. Sleeping pills can be an easy solution but are they really what you want?

Hypnosis is an ideal alternative solution. The word hynosis itself comes from the Greek word for sleep. You may struggle to sleep due to worry, change in sleep habits or due to nightmares. For worry and change in habits I will help you with suggestion hypnotherapy to help you get a good night sleep. For nightmares I will help you resolve your inner anxiety with Hypnoanalysis.

A client came to see me because she kept waking up at night and struggled for hours to get to sleep again only to be woken by the alarm clock. By using hypnosis I was able to help her accept that it was fine to be awake for an hour of two in the night, and not to worry about it. I also advised her to turn the alarm clock off as she did not need to wake up early any more now she was retired. My client soon got used to her new sleep habits and felt refreshed every morning after getting the hours of sleep that she needed.