Hypnosis help for Fear of Flying

A fear of flying is quite a common phobia and can leave you feeling very anxious and panicky. Flying is safer than driving a car but that rational thought does not always alleviate the fear

It is a real fear, but it must be an irrational fear compared to other risks in life we take.

A fear of flying can often be a fear of being out of control. When you are driving you feel you are in control of your safety. In trains you can always get off if you want to, or pull the emergency cord to stop the train.

In an airplane your safety is completely in the hands of the pilot and auto safety mechanisms. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help you feel comfortable to fly to your destination and back home again. Some people will book an appointment with me before they buy the ticket for a foreign holiday or business trip, and then another appointment or two just before their flight.

If you want fly away and feel calm then hypnotherapy should work for you.