Hypnosis help for Depression

Depression is often linked with anxiety. People who are overweight are often depressed and eat to cheer themselves up. Doctors often put their patients on anti-depressants for far too long until the anti-depressants become the problem.

Sometimes people become trapped in relationships that are destructive and cannot seem to find an emotional way out. This can also be a source of depression. Other people have seemingly fantastic lives but are still unhappy inside. This can be very frustrating.

There are many well paid researchers across the world looking for the genes that make people susceptible to depression. It could be altruistic, or simply a commercial activity funded by the pharmacy industry. There is no evidence there is a genetic reason for depression.

I have personally helped many people completely eradicate their depression using psychotherapy under hypnosis.

Memory reconsolidation can often bring out unresolved childhood trauma, and sometimes this runs in families due to circumstances.

Doctors often refer people for counselling and CBT to help with their depression. This can be temporarily helpful but for some people these therapies make no difference at all.

I offer Hypnoanalysis to help completely over turn depression by accessing memories to allow memory reconsolidation to take place. If you were to search for articles on Memory Reconsolidation then you will find many academic articles on the effectiveness of the therapy. I know from practical experience how life changing this therapy is. It is also backed up by vast amounts of neuroscience research.

Hypnoanalysis reconsolidates memories attached to emotions that give you present day problems. In other words the way you respond in everyday life can change. Stored memories no longer have to make you unhappy.

Once the therapy is successful you will not need to control the way you feel. You will be free of depression and will simply be able to get on with your life.