Anxiety help in Saffron Walden and Cambridge with Hypnosis

Anxiety seems to be a very common issue these days. There are two types of anxiety. Anxiety due to the situation that you find yourself in and anxiety that seems to be with you for no obvious reason.

Situational Anxiety

Public Speaking, crowded trains and bullying bosses. These are all types of situational anxiety. There is also the anticipation of an event which is also a situational anxiety. Phobias such as fear of spiders and the fear of being sick are also situational anxieties.

Free Floating Anxiety

If you either suffer from anxiety all the time or your anxiety just comes to you for no obvious reason then you are suffering from free floating anxiety. Often my clients will have a combination of situational anxiety and free floating anxiety.

Is Anxiety the same as Fear?

Some of my clients believe that their feelings of anxiety are the same as the feelings of fear. If you suffer from free floating anxiety then what are you afraid of? Are you suffering from a subconscious fear that perhaps you have somehow forgotten. Do you have some type of trauma?

Treatment for Anxiety with Hypnosis

If you suffer from situational anxiety such as fear of flying then Cognitative Hypnotherapy is often enough. If you suffer from free floating anxiety or very intense phobias then I would advise you to undertake Hypno-analysis.