Issues helped with Hypnosis

Anxiety & Panic

Should you be anxious about an event such as an exam or a speech that you have to make, then Suggestion Hypnotherapy for a couple of sessions will often be enough. Positive suggestions for your confidence and well-being focussed on what you want to achieve will help you. If you suffer from anxiety in general then the best therapy will be Memory Reconsolidation. Memory Reconsolidation is a rapid form of psychotherapy that will treat a combination of symptoms. Uncovering problematic memories and exposing them to the present time truth can be an incredibly liberating and healing therapy.

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Do you believe that nicotine is very addictive? Would you go on a long haul flight where you cannot smoke for many hours? Why do many women give up smoking as soon as they become pregnant only to start again some months after the baby is born These are all important questions in which you need to find your own answers to. I shall help you.

Some people put on weight when they stop smoking. Suggestions within hypnosis will focus the ‘lost feeling’ of no longer smoking to something healthy and positive such are pride in your health and your improved smell. When you are ready to stop smoking. You will find it very easy to do so. But you will of course need some determination. But if you have no determination then you would not come to see me in the first place.

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

I have treated hundreds of people over the years for weight loss issues. Sometimes the process is fairly straitforward and my clients will cut out snacks from their diet and lose weight rapidly. Ohter times it is more complex and I need to release childhood emotions associated with over eating. Whatever you particular problem is I have the experience and knowledge to help you.

Alcohol Moderation

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass or two of wine, unless you cannot stop. Using hypnotherapy you can become in control of your drinking and become calmer and healthier aswell.

Other Issues

I use hypnotherapy to help adults and children with many issues. The list below include many but not all the challenges that I have helped my clients overcome.

Be Happier & Healthier

Hypnosis for Change

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