Hypnosis help for IBS

I used to get IBS. Bloating, pain, avoiding foods and so on. I am completely IBS free now and life is so much better. I went for Memory Reconsolidation therapy and the symptoms went away completely.

I do not control my IBS. I no longer get it.

Sure if I eat loads of cherries and white bread washed down with pints of cider I would feel uncomfortable. But one has to be sensible.

Treatments for IBS with hypnosis are very successful. A huge amount of work and research had been done by doctors using Suggestion Hypnotherapy to relax patients and help them visualise their stomachs working as they should. This technique works amazingly well but it is still controlling IBS. I do use Suggestion Hypnotherapy to help my clients with IBS but I prefer to use Memory Reconsolidation therapy as it can change your life so much.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects one in every five people. It can be much worse during periods of stress or before one off events such as public speaking, exams or sporting events. I used to play a lot of chess as a boy and would really suffer before big matches.

There is sense in the body not digesting food during a stressful incident. Our Stone Age ancestors would need to be as light as possible and to use all their energy for running if pursued by a sabre toothed tiger. Our lives are mostly safe now and missing a bus will only result in inconvenience or a grumpy boss. Still our bodies decide not to digest food smoothly if we our overly anxious.

My recommended treatment for IBS in my Hypnotherapy Practices in Cambridge & Saffron Walden is Hypno-analysis. This therapy aims to replace old learned behaviour that is no longer useful. By retrieving the memories that cause the stress and IBS, and replacing them with the present reality that does not need the symptoms, you can be completely IBS free.