Hypnosis help for Emetophobia

I have successfully treated many people who were scared of being sick. It is a phobia that leads some women to be nervous of cuddling their own child if the child is unwell. Emetophobia can completley take over someones life. Emetophobia is quite a common phobia that can be very debiliating for the sufferer. Hypnotherapy is a great tool for removing this phobia.

The relaxation that hypnosis causes allows your memory to adjust to a new way of thinking about being sick. Often my clients had not been physically sick for years and had forgetten the real emotions attached to the event. Sometimes stopping oneself from being sick feels worse that actually being sick. Once you have been successfully treated for emetophobia life will become so much easier.

One of the most satisying moments I have had as a hypnotherapist was when one former emetophobia sufferer told me that she was happy to cuddle her sick child again.