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Coronavirus Update - Clinics now open for Consultations

Both of my clinics in Saffron Walden and in Cambridge are now open in a government approved environment.

Luke Henderson Hypnotherapist

I have been using hypnotherapy to help people for twenty years. Over the years I have had training in hypno-analysis, Time-line NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation. I am also qualified as a counsellor, psychotherapist and a clinical hypnotherapist. Each of my clients is different so will get a therapy that is best suited to them.

Many of my clients come from medical or mental health backgrounds. This includes doctors, nurses, a psychiatrist, psychologists and many psychotherapists and counsellors.

Hypnotherapy Explained

Hypnotherapy is a term used to describe the therapies that take place whilst the client or patient is under hypnosis. Hypnosis is state of deep relaxation and is often described as a state of heightened focus. Hypnosis is a completely natural state to be in and my clients are incontrol of themselves at all times It is the subconscious that has the focus and is attuned for the well-being and protection of the person. Neuroscience research has shown that the state of Hypnosis is processed in a different part of the brain to straight forward suggestions or the placebo effect.

Can you be hypnotised?

Everyone I have ever had as a patient can be hypnotised. The hypnotic feeling is an individual experience. We all experience hypnosis in our own way. It is a pleasant state to be in and a natural state to be in.

About Luke

I first became interested in hypnotherapy when I was a 21-year-old student at Sheffield University. My girlfriend had finished with me a few weeks previously and I was feeling miserable. My friends organised some tickets to see a stage hypnotist and I went along.

The show was incredible. I volunteered and ended up on stage hypnotised. I felt happy and relaxed for the first time in ages. I also quite happily ate a whole lemon which I thought was an apple.

The highlight of the show was when a tall thin boy was hypnotised so that all his muscles became rigid. He was then instructed to lie horizontally with his head on one chair and his feet on another. That was impressive, but then the hypnotist asked a girl to sit on his middle.

A few years later I studied the therapeutic power of hypno-analysis and memory reconsolidation and found this use of hypnosis just as amazing as the stage show that I took part in.

I am now a very content hypnotherapist with no ambition to show off with stage hypnotism. I am married to Rebecca and we have a ten year old son.

Client Testimonial

Luke saw me and we talked, and he listened without judgment. Because of his honesty and openness I knew I could trust him and I agreed to a course of psycho-therapy. His use of hypnotherapy ensured the process, at most times emotional and draining, resolved the issues I had burning in me. Luke allowed me to forgive myself and others and move on.

I no longer use any medication for depression or anger issues. I'm no longer angry or depressed (if I really ever was). I still drink too much, but its half what I used to drink. And I no longer pass out. I have always been a positive person but the one thing I feel now is a passion for life, which had faded and which I feared would never return.

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Over the years I have seen more people with eating issues and weight problems than any other issue. My treatments depend upon the individual person. Men and women often need different approaches. My clients who work in the caring proffessions such as nurses and teachers need a different approach to lorry drivers and accountants. Some clients need treatments that removes childhood habits and guilts about needing to finish everthing on the plate. Others need help to stop stress eating. Whatever your eating issue is I am very likely to have helped people like you.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Depression

Many of my clients who come to see me for phobias or confidence are also suffering from anxiety and perhaps some depression. Some have been on medication for years whilst others have been doing their best to avoid medication. To help with anxiety I use suggesion hypnotherapy at first and then if necessary gentle psychotherpy under hypnosis. For my clients who are suffering from depression I will help them with memory reconsolidation.

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

One option for you if you want to stop smoking is to use E-cigarettes. If you do not want to suck on these devices then stopping smoking with hypnosis is your best option. I offer three sessions for stopping smoking. During the three sessions I will challenge your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the habit of smoking.

Alcohol Moderation

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help people control the amount of alcohol they drink without having to completely stop. There is often a reason that people drink to much. Hypnotherapy can help find that reason and resolve it.

Types of Hypnotherpy

Although it would appear that there are many different types of therapy under the term hypnotherapy there are really just two types. Suggestion Hypnotherapy which is often called Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy under hypnosis. My Public Speaking Help and my Stop Smoking sessions are types of Suggestion Hypnotherapy. The rapid Hypnotic Psychotherapy that I use has the descriptive name of Memory Reconsolidation.

Memory Reconsolidation

This therapy gets to the heart of the problem. It is an evidence based rapid form of psychotherapy using free association and hypnotic regression. Subconscious learned behaviour can cause feelings that are no longer relevant to our present lives. Neuroscience has shown that it is possible to change these subconscious learned behaviours by finding the appropriate memories and contradicting them with the present day reality.

The results people have achieved with Memory Reconsolidation are truely amazing. Once acheived the process is permanent. My clients who have suffered from depression will no longer suffer from depression. Many people who suffer from sexual issues see me for a course of Memory Reconsolidation. Other than pills nothing else seems to work.

Traumatic Amnesia

Traumatic Amnesia is a process in which someone can partially or completely forget a traumatic incident. Examples of this include car crashes and violence against a person. Children can experience traumatic amnesia from incidents that can seem quite minor to an adult, such as wetting themselves in public and being laughed at.

People who are suffering from anxiety and phobias that have failed to improve with cognitive therapies may well be suffering from traumatic amnesia.

Sometimes the traumatic event may be known to the person but the associated emotions can be forgotten. Hypnosis can be used to recall these forgotten feelings so that the incident can be dealt with in a safe and caring environment. The recalling and dealing with traumatic amnesia is known as memory reconsolidation.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Whilst the patient is under hypnosis the hypnotherapist will give positive suggestions to the patient. These are carefully worded so that the subconscious will accept them as safe and good alternatives to any previously learned behaviour or habits. Suggestion Hypnotherapy is also known as Cognitive Hypnotherapy or Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy is very effective for Stopping Smoking, Fear of Flying, Public Speaking Confidence and many issues related to confidence and relaxation.

Some of the many issues I have helped people with

Feel Calm & Happy

Hypnosis for Change

Locations & Contact

People come to see me from Bishop's Storford, Harlow, Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Royston and the surronding towns and villages. I also get Skype clients from across the UK, North America and Europe.

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